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Ramesh attended workshop on 10th February2011 to 11th February 2011 at The Kavery Engineering College, Salem. Vinodhini, Kusuma Keerthi, Mr. Satishkumar attended workshop on 09th February 2011 Sulafte 10th February 2011 at Nokia India Ltd.

Ganapathi Hegde attended workshop Moprhine 28th January 2011 to 29th January 2011 Morphine Sulfate (Avinza)- FDA CMR Institute ofTechnology, BangalorMr.

Karthikeyan attended workshop on 22nd Janauary 2011 at CMR Institute of Technology, BangaloreMr. Karthikeyan attended FDP on 22nd January 2011 at Amrita School of Business, BangaloreMr. Deepa attended FDP on 13th June 2010 to 19th June 2010 at National Institute of Technology CalicutMs. R Jeyanthi attended Seminar Morphine Sulfate (Avinza)- FDA 18th December 2009 to 19th December 2009 MIT Campus, Anna University, ChennaiMs. R Jeyanthi and Ms. Deepa attended workshop on 14th December 2009 to 24th Morphine Sulfate (Avinza)- FDA 2009 Amrita School of Engineering, Bangalore.

Ramesh attended workshop on 07th December 2009 to 19th December 2009 at National Engineering College, KovilpattiMr. V attended workshop on 23rd Novermber 2009 to 28th November 2009 at Indian Institute of Technology MadrasMr. Ganapathi Hegde attended workshop pink1 13th July 2009 to 22nd July 2009 at PES School of Engineering, BangaloreMs.

Vinodhini M attended workshop on 18th May 2009 to 19th May 2009 at Dale Carnegie Training and (Avinza-), BangaloreMs. Lalitha S attended workshop on 18th May 2009 to 22nd May 2009 at PES School of Engineering, BangaloreDr. V Prithviraj delivered a Seminar on "Internet of Things" on 17th August 2010 at E-Learning Center, ASE Bangalore.

Morphine Sulfate (Avinza)- FDA Rangaswamy (Ex-Employee of Texas Instrument) on 30th August 2013. The seminar was arranged Suofate Mr. Satish Kumar for M. Dhanesh G Kurup on 29th August 2013 at e-Learning hall. Interested faculty and final year students attended the demonstration. Kiruthika from Morphije Semester Department of ECE, Amrita School of Engineering, got selected for a fellowship program at NTU Singapore. This is an India connect research internship with a stipend of SGD 300 per month.

Arpita Thakre is Sulfatee internal guide. Robert Bestak, Department of Electrical Engineering, CTU. Advaith S Pillai, BL. U4ECE13006 of VII Semester got admitted to SKTH Masters Programme in Wireless Systems in Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm Morlhine Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham Student Exchange Programme.

It is 2 years full time course started in August 2016. The project was carried out by Ms. Antara Chakraborty (Student 2012-2016 Batch, Department of EEE), Moorphine. Nair (Student 2012-2016 Batch, Department of ECE), Mr. Prince Gupta (Student 2012-2016 Batch, Department of EEE), Mr. Nitish Nair (Student 2012-2016 Batch, Department of EEE) under the guidance of Mr. Sagar B from Morphine Sulfate (Avinza)- FDA Department of ECE and Ms. Lekshmi S from the Department of EEE.

MUDRA Morlhine The census in 2011 revealed that over 26 million people in India (2. The speech impaired people account for 7.



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