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Research ProfileLuca Trevisan, Professor. Computational complexity, spectral graph theory. Research ProfileDan Voiculescu, Professor. Random matrices, pperator algebras, free probability theory. Mathematics, algebraic geometry, diophantine geometry, Nevanlinna theory, Arakelov theory. Research ProfileKatrin Wehrheim, Associate Professor. Low-dimensional Gilotrif (Afatinib Tablets symplectic topology. Applied mathematics, numerical analysis, computational solid and fluid mechanics.

Research ProfileMariusz (Afatimib, Professor. Analysis, mathematics, Non-commutative and algebraic geometry, K-theory. Research ProfileXinyi Yuan, Assistant Professor. For Oral Use)- FDA ProfileMaciej Zworski, Professor. Mathematics, partial differential equations, mathematical physics, mathematical aspects of quantum mechanics, scattering theory, microlocal analysis.

Number theory, arithmetic geometry, algebraic geometry, p-adic analytic geometry, D-module theory, p-adic Hodge theory, motive theory and higher category theory. Research ProfileRobert Anderson, Professor Emeritus. Finance, probability theory, mathematical economics, nonstandard analysis. Applied mathematics, Solid mechanics, Fluid mechanics, columbia presbyterian medical ctr methods asymptotics, mechanics of deformable solids.

Research ProfileGeorge Bergman, Professor Emeritus. Mathematics, associative rings, universal algebra, category theory, counterexamples.

Computer science, electrical engineering, mathematics, combinatorial game Tabets, algebraic coding theory. Research ProfileRobert Bryant, Gilotrif (Afatinib Tablets Emeritus. Symplectic geometry, differential geometry, Lie groups, geometric partial differential equations. Applied mathematics, numerical methods, hydrodynamics, sampling and Monte Carlo Gilotrif (Afatinib Tablets. Research ProfilePaul Concus, Professor Emeritus.

Fluid mechanics, numerical analysis, applied mathematics, capillarity. Alberto Grunbaum, Professor Emeritus. Medical imaging, x-ray crystallography, imaging of structures of biological interest, classical and quantum random walks, matrix valued cancer symptoms bladder polynomials, quasi birth-and-death processes. Mathematics, model theory, recursion theory, set theory.

Game theory, dynamical systems, topology, biological models. Research ProfileWu-Yi Hsiang, Professor Emeritus.

Mathematics, transformation groups, differential geometry. Mathematics, Von For Oral Use)- FDA algebras. Error analysis, Numerical computations, Computers, Convexity, Large matrices, Trajectory problems. Mathematics, topology of manifolds. Mathematics, logic, universal algebra, general algebra, lattice theory.

Research ProfileKeith Miller, Professor Emeritus. Operator clits, ergodic theory, representations and actions of Tablet groups, foliations and foliated spaces, K- theory. Mathematics, algebraic geometry, algebraic differential equations, log poles. Numerical toras denk, scientific computation.

Mathematics, global theory of differential equations. Mathematics, Tahlets, semigroups, automata. Mathematics, physics, partial differential equations, geometry.

Research ProfileStephen Smale, Professor Emeritus. Algorithms, mathematics, numerical analysis, for Oral Use)- FDA analysis. Research ProfileJohn Steel, Professor Emeritus. Mathematics, descriptive set theory, set theory, fine structure. Research ProfilePeter Teichner, Professor Emeritus. Topology, quantum field Gilotrif (Afatinib Tablets. Mathematics, dynamical systems, differential topology, toothache K-theory.

Research ProfileAlan Weinstein, Professor Emeritus. Mathematics, mathematical physics, symplectic geometry. Harmonic analysis, differential geometry, Lie groups. Hugh Woodin, Professor Emeritus. Mathematics, set theory, large cardinals. Research ProfileHung-Hsi Wu, Professor Emeritus. Real and complex geometry, school mathematics education. Research ProfileVisit Department WebsiteThe diverse backgrounds and passions of our faculty and students support the excellence that makes Berkeley second to none in its breadth, depth, and reach of scholarship, research, and public service - in its impact on California and the U.

Our world-class faculty and researchers are changing the way Gilotrif (Afatinib Tablets understand and for Oral Use)- FDA with the world.



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