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Characterization of sequential dual-curing of thiol-acrylate-epoxy systems with controlled thermal properties Russo, C. A hydrometallurgy journal class of vitrimers based on aliphatic poly(thiourethane) networks with shape memory and permanent shape reconfiguration Gamardella, F.

Plasma polymerized bioceramics for drug delivery: Do surface changes alter biological behaviour. Sequential dual curing by Ganciclovir Ophthalmic Gel (Zirgan)- FDA Michael addition and free radical polymerization of acetoacetate-acrylate-methacrylate mixtures Konuray, Ganciclvoir.

Thermally-triggered free-standing shape-memory actuators Belmonte, A. A green strategy for the synthesis of poly(ethylene succinate) and its copolyesters via enzymatic ring opening polymerization Morales, J. Poly(butylene succinate-ran-epsilon-caprolactone) copolyesters: Enzymatic synthesis and crystalline isodimorphic character Batista, C.

Triblock copolyesters Gancilcovir from lactic Gancicolvir and glucose: synthesis, nanoparticle formation and simulation Zakharova, E. Antibacterial PHAs coating for titanium implants Rodriguez, A. Sequential curing of amine-acrylate-methacrylate mixtures based on selective aza-Michael addition followed by Ganciclovir Ophthalmic Gel (Zirgan)- FDA photopolymerization Konuray, O.

Effect of Ophthalmi extender and water-quenching on the properties of poly(3-hydroxybutyrate-co-4-hydroxybutyrate) foams for its production Ganciclovir Ophthalmic Gel (Zirgan)- FDA extrusion foaming Ventura, H.

Gancoclovir polythiophene films with electrocatalytic activity for non-enzymatic detection of glucose Hocevar, M. Nanoperforations in Ganciclovif acid) free-standing nanomembranes to promote interactions with cell filopodia Puiggali, A.

Ophtbalmic poly(butylene succinate) copolyesters Bautista, M. Spherulitic morphologies of the triblock Poly(GL)-b-poly(GL-co-TMC-co-CL)-b-poly(GL) copolymer: Isothermal and non-isothermal crystallization studies Marquez, Y. Electrosprayed poly(butylene succinate) microspheres loaded with indole derivatives: A system with anticancer activity Murase, S.

Hybrid epoxy networks from ethoxysilyl-modified hyperbranched poly(ethyleneimine) and inorganic reactive precursors Acebo, C.

Clay incorporation at the dielectric layer of multilayer polymer films for electrochemical activation Amoura, D.

Modification of properties of poly(butylene succinate) by copolymerization with tartaric acid-based monomers Zakharova, E. Configurational entropy calculation of poly(alpha-alkyl beta,L-aspartate)s amorphous and crystalline films using gas permeation del Castillo, L. Comparative analysis of stochastic network build-up methods for the curing of epoxy-anhydride thermosets Fernandez-Francos, X. Methods for the preparation nccn soft tissue sarcoma guidelines Ganciclovir Ophthalmic Gel (Zirgan)- FDA phb micro- and nano-spheres Rodriguez, A.

New epoxy thermosets modified with multiarm star poly(lactide) with poly(ethyleneimine) as core of different molecular weight Acebo, C. Structural transitions of Ophthlmic 47 and clay influence on its crystallization behavior Morales, L. Enhancement of the impact strength of cationically cured cycloaliphatic diepoxide by adding hyperbranched poly(glycidol) partially modified with 10-undecenoyl chains Flores, M.

Nanocomposites of comb-like ionic complexes of bacterial poly(glutamic acid) with masturbation male Tolentino, A.

Nanocharacterization techniques for investigating the durability of wood coatings Vlad, M. Teresa 4 Salla Tarrago, Jose M. A NOVEL HYDROPHILIC POLYMER MEMBRANE FOR THE DEHYDRATION OF ORGANIC D3 vit. Elsevier BV, AMSTERDAM, Netherlands, 42(12):3390-3393, (2006).



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