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Low dimension ferromagnetic ordering in CePdSb Chalk River Laboratory, Canada, April (1999)9. Kondo volume collapse in Ce and Yb systems St. Andrews University, UK (1998)8. Low energy excitations in CeRu2SiGe single crystal Japan Physical Society Conference, Tokyo, (1998)7.

First order valence phase transition in Ce(NiCo)Sn Hiroshima University, Japan (1997)6. Comp theor chem scattering investigation of first order valence phase transition comp theor chem Ce-based systems Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, India (1995)5. First order valence phase transition in Ce(NiCo)Sn Bhabha Atomic Research Center, Mumbai, India, (1995)4. Kondo effect and heavy comp theor chem behaviour in Ce-based system Zaragoza University, Zaragoza, Spain (1995)3.

Antiferromagnetic Kondo lattice behaviour in CePtSn LT-19 Oragen, USA (1993)2. Valence fluctuation and heavy Fermion behaviour in Ce-compounds Southampton University, UK (1991)1. Heavy fermion and Kondo effect in Ce-based systems Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, India (1988)1. Magnetic susceptibility of YbCuGa, YbAgGa and YbAuGa compounds S. Vijayaraghavan in "Theoretical and Experimental Aspects of Valence Fluctuation and Heavy Fermions", Edt.

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High-temperature superconductivity in the oxide system (Y1-xBax)2CuO4 (0. Superconductivity in the Ag-substituted Comp theor chem. Superconductivity in Birthday is when your oxide system C.

Gupta Solid State Commun. Vijayaraghavan Comp theor chem Interactions, 41, 535 (1988)10. Antiferromagnetic ordering in CePdSn D. Vijayaraghavan Solid State Commun. Search for superconductivity in NdO2-B system S. Adroja Solid State Commun. Soni Solid State Commun. Prasad Solid State Commun. Magnetic studies on the high temperature oxide superconductor Eu0.

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Heat capacity, magnetic susceptibility and electrical resistivity of equiatomic ternary comp theor chem CePdSn S.

Heavy fermion xomp in CeInPt4 Comp theor chem. Spin reorintation phenomenon in Nd0. XRD, ac-susceptibility, XAS and XPS measurements on YBa2(Cu1-xVx)O7-d, chfm P.

Mehta, Om Prakash, B. Magnetic comp theor chem and electrical resistivity of new equiatomic ternary cerium based compounds: CeRhIn and CeCuIn S. Vijayaraghavan Physica, B103, 89 (1990)26. Valence Fluctuation behaviour of Yb ions in YbCuGa D.



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