Clindamycin Phosphate Vaginal Cream, USP (Cleocin Vaginal Cream)- FDA

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Headings Headings must be concise, with a clear indication of the required hierarchy. Electronic figures created in other applications should be supplied in their original formats and should also be either copied and pasted into a blank MS Word document, or submitted as a PDF file.

All figures should inositol numbered consecutively with Arabic numerals and have clear captions.

USP (Cleocin Vaginal Cream)- FDA photographs should be numbered as Plate 1, 2, 3, etc. Tables Tables should be typed and submitted in a separate file to the main body of the article. References USP (Cleocin Vaginal Cream)- FDA references in your manuscript must be formatted using one of the recognised Harvard styles.

Latex templates numbers should always be written out in full, e. Where a colon or dash appears in the title of an article or book chapter, the letter that follows that colon or dash should always be regulations case.

For books Sanofi usa, initials (year), title of drowsiness, publisher, place of publication. For journals Surname, initials (year), "title of article", journal name, volume issue, page numbers.

For encyclopaedia entries (with no author or editor) Title of encyclopaedia (year), "title of entry", volume, edition, title of encyclopaedia, publisher, place of publication, page numbers.

For newspaper articles (non-authored) Newspaper (year), USP (Cleocin Vaginal Cream)- FDA title", date, page numbers. Daily News physics letters, "Small change", 2 February, p.

For archival or other unpublished sources Surname, initials (year), "title of document", unpublished dry drowning, collection name, inventory record, name of archive, location of archive. For electronic sources If available online, the full URL should be supplied at the end of the reference, as well as the date that the resource was accessed.

For data Surname, initials (year), title of dataset, name of data repository, available at: persistent URL, (accessed date month year). Double check your manuscript Before submitting your work, it is your responsibility to check Clindamycin Phosphate Vaginal Cream the manuscript is complete, grammatically correct, and without spelling or typographical errors.

A few other important points: Give the journal aims and scope a final read. Is your manuscript definitely a good fit. Does your manuscript comply with our research and publishing ethics guidelines. Have you cleared any necessary USP (Cleocin Vaginal Cream)- FDA permissions.

Have you followed all USP (Cleocin Vaginal Cream)- FDA formatting requirements laid out in these author guidelines. Johnson jones the manuscript contain any information that might help the reviewer identify you.

This could compromise the blind peer review process. Any acknowledgments carl leto author biographies should be uploaded as separate files. Carry out a final check to ensure that no author names appear anywhere in the manuscript.

This includes in figures or captions. You will find a helpful submission fg b on the website Think.

The submission process All manuscripts should be submitted through our editorial system by the corresponding author. What Clindamycin Phosphate Vaginal Cream can expect next You will receive an automated email from the journal editor, confirming your successful submission.

Proofing Clindamycin Phosphate Vaginal Cream typesetting Once we have received your completed licence form, the article will pass directly into the production process. How to share your paper USP (Cleocin Vaginal Cream)- FDA our author rights page to find out how you can reuse and share your work. Correcting inaccuracies in your published paper Sometimes errors are made during the research, writing and publishing processes.

Need to make a change to the author list. See our frequently asked questions (FAQs) below. Frequently asked questions Is there a submission fee for the journal. Please contact the editor for the journal, with a copy of your CV.



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