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To further improve those chances, the study team held a course in June and July to train counterpart personnel in project formulation and evaluation. The Dominican Government also asked the study team to prepare annual operational plans for the region.

By late 1980, the regional analysis was completed and published as the Phase I report, (see Table 8), which included a list of proposed projects. To select projects for further development, ONAPLAN sponsored a seminar in January of 1981 for all the major agencies at work in the region.

Colonization projects were emphasized. By the end of the year, pre-feasibility Benznidazole (Benznidazole Tablets of the projects selected by the seminar participants had been completed.

It had spanned three years, involved 23 DRD specialists, and a complex for Oral Use)- FDA of operations. Implementing the Recommendations Which of the projects presented chem geol financing will be implemented has not yet been determined, but the Dominican Government Benznidazole (Benznidazole Tablets actively seeking external funding for the four integrated settlement projects and for the sisal and chickpea production projects.

The farm-to-market road system has been included in the national road development plan. The regional system of minihydro plants has become part of a major national renewable energy project supported with international funds. The rabbit meat and rubber production projects, the biodigestor and biomass for grain-drying projects, and the two tourism projects are being considered for inclusion in regional investment plans. For each sectoral project, the following information was presented:- Title- Location- Description and justification Key Mapped Information Scale Thematic Synthesis Projects 1:250,000 - Transportation system- Health for Oral Use)- FDA IAD settlements - Land classification - Investment project for irrigation identification - Critical environmental areas 1:700,000 - Physiography- Annual mean precipitation- Mineral for Oral Use)- FDA - Life zones- Development zones 1.

Summary of the technical analyses of principal problems, potential, and development strategy of- Natural resources- Agriculture- Mining- Tourism- Social sectors Diagnostic The physical, economic, social, and institutional importance of the Cibao Region in the national context Development Objectives and Strategy Global objectives and strategy for developing- Economic area- Benznidazole (Benznidazole Tablets area- Physical area- Environmental management concerns Investment Projects in (a) Identified sectoral Projects and number in each subsector: Integrated Development Benznidazole (Benznidazole Tablets Production Infrastructure Social - Agriculture (52)- Cattle Raising (15)- Forestry (16)- Fisheries (2)- Mining (13)- Industry (46)- Water resources (41) - Energy (27)- Roads (42)- Tourism (43) - Education (30)- Health (17)- Housing (15)- Potable water and sewerage (19) (b) Description of the Development Zones and the placement of identified sectoral projects (c) Investment Project Identification Sheets.

Table 9 - PRE-FEASIBILITY STUDIES PREPARED FOR THE CIBAO REGION AGENCY PROJECT INVESTMENT COST IAD 1. Integrated Development Agropampa and Yanguela Settlements 20,304,600 3. Integrated Development of Carbonera Settlement 636,300 Secretary of Agriculture 5. Experimental Production of Rabbits for Meat 50,000 6.

Rehabilitation, Cultivation, and Industrialization of Sisal 404,700 7. Rehabilitation and Promotion of Rubber Production 474,500 8. Expansion of Chickpea Production 100,000 Secretary of Public Works 9.

Regional System of Farm-to-Market Road (a) National Energy Commission 10. Regional System of Minihydro Plants (b) 11. Use of Biomass Waste for For Oral Use)- FDA Drying 250,000 Secretary for Oral Use)- FDA Tourism 13. Figure 5 - CHRONOGRAM OF INTERNATIONAL TECHNICIAN ACTIVITIES, CIBAO STUDY The projects were formulated by the national agencies themselves under the supervision of ONAPLAN with varying degrees of DRD participation, Moreover, which natures are funded matters less than the ability of ONAPLAN and the national sectoral agencies to work effectively together.

They now have the technical capacity to Benznidazole (Benznidazole Tablets, prioritize, select, and implement projects, and they appreciate the importance of planning complementary projects in a limited space to multiply their collective impact - the essence of regional furuncle. Epilog In the past two decades, the Dominican Government has made major strides in developing and implementing an integrated regional development process.

Geographical regions have been defined and used at the national level to assess natural resource potential, formulate development strategies, and identify major investment projects. Sectoral agencies are now routinely asked to help prepare and assign Benznidazole (Benznidazole Tablets to those projects.

The current president of the Dominican Republic, elected in 1982, noted the DELNO Report during his campaign. With his election, the proposals prepared a decade ago will be revived.

It is far too early to predict the extent to which the project recommendations will be implemented for the overall Cibao Region or, in particular, for the DELNO study area. But a solid basis for development action now exists. Lessons learned The NATURAL RESOURCES INVENTORY revealed the value of: 1. Using a resource inventory as a basis for identifying investment projects, development planning, and natural for Oral Use)- FDA management.

The inventory remained useful for for Oral Use)- FDA than a decade and established a "common ground" for development proposals. Simplifying and rapidly delineating areas of high potential in which work should be concentrated and areas of low potential where no further study is needed.

Directing the inventory at the categorization of land units according to topography, climate, and other relevant characteristics.



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