Game Making Software for Beginners

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As a form of entertainment, video games combine both film and music as the world’s favourite pastime. Everyone is a gamer these days. Whether they only play strange casual mobile games or spend hundreds of hours in hardcore AAA gaming experiences. The most publicized video game titles are created by teams that have dozens or hundreds of special members. These can be graphic artists, programmers, writers, designers and more. So it may seem that only those with endless budgets and talent pools will bother to step into the game development world.

alt="Game Making Software for Beginners"


Stencyl is a very popular game making software that supports Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android operating systems. The best part of this software is that it is designed for both coders and non-coders. This means that it supports both options i.e. either you can create your game via drag and drop or you can also code if you want. Stencyl gives you complete freedom to customize and design characters and objects in your game. You can modify their behaviour and appearance very easily. You can make 2D and 3D games using this software. The visual designer feature of this software allows you to set the environment of your game. Stencil’s one-time, anywhere-to-play strategy attracts the most customers as it offers them cross-compatibility. Furthermore, this software enables you to publish your game on platforms like Windows Store, Google Play, etc., therefore converting your minute efforts into huge monetary benefits.

alt="Game Making Software for Beginners"


Here is a neat open-source game engine integrated with the 3D animation software Blender, one of the most popular options for anyone in the 3D open source community. Blender is a popular choice among indie developers so Armory solves the problem of bouncing between programs to develop the game. There are several demos available to get you started, including a twin-stick game and a third-person character demo. This helps Blender’s knowledge and an extensive list of its tools before learning Armory.

alt="Game Making Software for Beginners"

Construct 2

Creation 2 is another powerful 2D game creation tool that lets you publish HTML5. This is another program that is beginner-designer-friendly, requiring no coding experience to be magic. Like Stencyl, it has payment options. There is a free version where you can publish on the web. To make a mobile game, you have to pay. Instead of an annual fee, there is a one-time fee that you pay in advance, which gives you access to Construct 2 and all future software updates. Construct 2 has a showcase page that contains games developed using the program, as well as a tutorial page and a platform that can help you with any problem. They are good resources that look at how other developers are using the software and to get you off the ground with your programming.

alt="Game Making Software for Beginners"


Unity is a game making tool specifically designed for those who are able to code. Unlike the game-making software discussed above, Unity does not provide us with a drag and drop option. To make games with the help of this software, we must know some programming language. Despite this restriction, unity is still considered the strongest tool of game making. This allows you to make 2D as well as 3D games very easily. Unity provides you with the most amazing tool to get gamers attention within few seconds.

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