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Board games have been played throughout human history in almost all cultures and civilizations. Many styles and genres are available. Games may be based on tactics, chance or a mixture of both and normally target for players before their opponent (s). I grew up with lots of common, Best Board Game, before computer games in all homes became widespread.


Chess includes both players and is purely a chessboard strategy board game, an eight-by-eight grid checkered tiled board of 64 squares. It is one of the oldest and most famous games in the world, played by millions around the world. There is no debate about it, but chess is thought to have come in the Gupta Empire from India, 280-550 C.

For me, chess is the only game in my opinion that illustrates strategy with such ease. With just 64 squares, it simulates the battle between two rival nations before a lonely King gets cornered and has to concede defeat.


The modern game Stratego, the Napoleon-theme, was first manufactured by a corporation called Jumbo in the Netherlands and was bought by Milton Bradley in 1963 for sale in the States.

Stratego is a strategically-based 10-by-10 board game with two opponents. Each player controls 40 pieces of soldiers and military officers. The purpose of the game is to find and capture the flag of your opponent or to capture so many units of your adversary that he can’t pass.

Plays cannot see the ranks of each other, so discovering and misinformation are significant player considerations.


A board game was produced in 1933 called “Monopoly” The game is named after a particular corporation or entity’s economic terms of monopoly and control of the whole market. Parker Brothers has produced and marketed it.

When it comes to the monopoly, there’s usually no middle ground, either you love it or you hate it. Hate or love her, Monopoly was evidently timeless to amuse her or just waste time. All has memories of Monopoly. A frustratingly long game has driven us to the brink.


Danger is a strategic turning game for 2 to 6 people and is also developed by Parker Brothers. A Board with a political and territorial map of Earth, which includes six continents with 42 territories, can play the regular edition of this game. Plays roll a die and control armies to try to overcome the domains of other players.

Danger is suitable for those who are involved in the theory of world law. When my friends played it at school, I discovered Danger, I sat patiently and watched the game gist. I’d been addicted after a couple of games I really played well.


The Scrabble word game is made up of two to four tiles scored points, each of which is packed with a single letter on a cell grid of 15 1⁄2. The goal of this game was to collect letters, to create vocabulary, to collect the majority of words and to outscore other players. The game encouraged many players to improve their literary skills and vocabulary.

I remember Scrabble playing with my cousins and feeling upset by the ridiculous number of vows with which they were divinely wounded.

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